The UNT Kristin Farmer Autism Center lists additional resources as a service only. We are acting as a conduit for information which may be beneficial to parents, families, clients, and professionals impacted by autism spectrum disorders. Listing these organizations and/or services does not necessarily indicate the endorsement of The University of North Texas Kristin Farmer Autism Center. UNT is committed to the use of evidence-based practices to ensure only the highest quality services are delivered.

SPARK: Autism Research

The Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital are working with the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative to find thousands of people with autism and their families to create the nation's largest autism study. It's simple — you can register online, contribute a saliva sample using a collection kit from your own home, and you can earn up to $50 for your efforts.

Autism Society of Texas

The Autism Society, the nation's leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. We do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

Founded in 1965 by Dr. Bernard Rimland, Dr. Ruth Sullivan and many other parents of children with autism, the Autism Society is the leading source of trusted and reliable information about autism. Through its strong national network of affiliates, the Autism Society has spearheaded numerous pieces of state and local legislation.

National Autism Association of North Texas

The National Autism Association of North Texas provides a comprehensive list of resources and information for individuals and families in the DFW area who are impacted by ASD. Click here for the Parent Resource Packet (Adobe PDF).

The National Autism Center (NAC)

The National Autism Center, an affiliate of the award-winning nonprofit organization May Institute, focuses on the promotion of evidence-based practices. The NAC is dedicated to serving children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders by providing information, promoting best practices, and offering comprehensive resources to families, professionals, and communities.

The National Professional Development Center (NPDC)

The National Professional Development Center is a multi-university center promoting the use of evidence-based practices for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The NPDC operates through the FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the M.I.N.D. Institute at the University of California at Davis Medical School, and the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Evidence-Based Practices - the National Autism Center and the National Professional Development Center

In 2007, the National Professional Development Center received funding to promote the use of evidence-based practices in programs for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. During this time the National Autism Center was working on the National Standards Project, also in an effort to promote the use of evidence-based practices. The results of this simultaneous research between the NAC and the NPDC led to the development of a detailed comparison table, identifying the similarities and differences between the results of the two projects.

Families for Effective Autism Treatment - North Texas (FEAT-NT)

FEAT-NT is a non-profit organization geared towards providing resources, information, and support for families and professionals. FEAT-NT helps provide continuous education and training to parents and professionals in the area of autism intervention, education, advocacy, and support. FEAT-NT also has an Autism Resource Center and Library that provides valuable research, training, and support for these groups regarding autism interventions and services. This center includes an autism library with over 400 books and resources on autism, a workshop space with room for 65 attendees to provide training opportunities that will help families seek appropriate treatment for their children, a children's development and play room with therapy items for children and parents to practice strategies and techniques, and a parent workroom with materials and resources for parents to aid them in the home.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. [They] do this through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practice (NCAEP)

The National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practice (NCAEP) conducted a systematic review of the current intervention literature targeting individuals on the autism spectrum. NCAEP is a continuation of the evidence review that was completed by the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC) which included research published through 2011. We reviewed research studies published between 2012-2017 which examined the impact of behavioral, educational, clinical and developmental practices and service models used with individuals on the autism spectrum from birth through age 22.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)

First and foremost, ASAT provide a well-respected, comprehensive website that tackles the array of considerations surrounding autism treatment. [The] website is the go-to source for research summaries of the full array of autism treatments for families and professionals to make informed choices before considering treatment options. In addition, [they] offer specific resources for journalists, medical providers, and parents of newly diagnosed children and maintain an active and engaging Facebook page with almost 8,000 fans.

Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA)

The Texas-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA) is a professional organization that is a highly recognized resource for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and consumers in the state of Texas. TSHA works to encourage the role of speech pathologists in delivering services to those with communication disorders, conduct clinical and scientific research, promote the prevention of communication disorders, provide continuing educational opportunities, and promote the public awareness regarding the field of speech-language pathology.

Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA)

The Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA), a professional organization, works towards the advancement of the science and application of behavior analysis. TxABA disseminates research, information, and knowledge based on the science of behavior analysis to the public as well as professional behavior analysts in and around Texas. This organization provides much needed support and resources for parents and professionals working to increase the acceptance and practice of behavior analysis.

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