Kimberlee Flatt, PhD, BCBA, LPC

Adult Services Coordinator


Kimberlee Flatt

Dr. Kimberlee Flatt is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has 20+ years of experience supporting individuals and families, impacted by autism, in both educational and clinical settings. She specializes in the treatment of behaviors associated with high-functioning autism including social skills and repetitive behaviors. Dr. Flatt coordinates the adult services at KFAC but is passionate about serving individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Flatt is certified as a Special Education Teacher, General Education Teacher, School Counselor, and Administrator.  At the Kristin Farmer Autism Center, she and her team support adolescents and adults toward increased independence and successful transitions to post-secondary life through self-advocacy and by strengthening adaptive social skill behaviors. Additionally, as a mentor and trainer, she is committed to coaching future behavior analysts and counselors as they embark on carriers supporting the autism community.